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31 March 2012

Harmony Soap Review

My discovery of this soap was accidental. It was offered to my mom by her friend while she was at her store. My mom bought it for PhP 12.00 (0.24 US$) because she was fully aware that I love trying different soaps. This soap especially appealed to her because of its strong yet pleasant fruity smell. It has many variants but she chose the strawberry because it stood out among others. Then, when I arrived home that day, she showed it to me at once and, true enough, I fell in love with its look and smell.

It’s very rare that I see transparent and translucent soaps. I actually have not seen personally a transparent soap yet. Harmony soap is almost translucent and it’s shiny and smells like a strawberry candy.

When I first used it, I noticed that it was not as foamy as the other soaps are. I would compare its lather to the Safeguard soap by Procter and Gamble. But the smell was really magnificent. It filled the entire room with the smell of strawberry. After rinsing, I noticed that the water formed a droplet in my skin which is normally an indication that the soap dried my skin. It did not feel tight, though. Also, the smell still lingered on my skin.

On the contrary, my skin was not dry after patting it with towel. It did not show and white patches which normally tell me if I had to put on heavy lotion to ease the dryness. It was just okay, not moisturized as well. I had to put on lotion though just to be sure.

My final verdict was, it was just an OK soap. Nothing really special in it. You may use it as your daily bath soap. You just have to be careful as fragrant soaps are usually irritating to sensitive skin. I never had issues with it, though. Mind you, I have overly dry skin. I used it until it run out which was quite long: two weeks. And there were six of us using it every day.

Yeeha! ;D


  1. Hi. I noticed you've posted this more than a year ago but would you know where i can buy this soap here in manila? A friend just gave me one but it was just also given to her by a client so she has no idea where to buy it. Thank you. :)

    1. I believe that you can purchase harmony soap in some of SM supermarket or if you know someone who base in dubai you can ask them to buy it from Day to Day shopping center

  2. I agree with you! I tried the Strawberry flavored soap here in India. Unlike in Philippines, here it's expensive because it's not an Indian brand! The soap is very sweet smelling and the whole bathroom smells of strawberry but it dries out my skin too much! I have tried other flavors of Harmony but this one seems too drying! :(

  3. I believe that you can purchase harmony soap in some of SM supermarket or if you know someone who base in dubai you can ask them to buy it from Day to Day shopping center

  4. Hi.

    I stumbled upon your blog while searching for Harmony Fruity Soap distributor/s in the Philippines. Harmony is indeed an OK soap but for a dry skin and sweaty type like me this soap is underrated or should I say has performed MILES BETTER compared to the leading big brands. Our family has since fell in love with the brand! Harmony used to have calamansi variety, but has since stopped. Right now we are using the lime and lemon varieties. If none is available, we use the orange.

    As many people discovered (or hoarding, rather) Harmony (11 pesos cheap as of this writing and been using this since 9 pesos cheap), the distribution has been limited and is an irregular display from the shelf of Landmark supermarket. SM favored much of the known brands. I was just lucky to found good number yesterday when I walked in at Landmark so I hoard them already after 8 weeks of non-availability !

  5. Hello where can i buy one box of harmony fruity soapi like grape flavor.i need it badly.i buy 1box i dont know where.i find already here in the goceries like s.m mall,robinson mall,all mall here no harmony soap.any idea where should i buy this product here in the phillipines?