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14 March 2012

The Good Times of Tambalan in The Morning Rush

Radio has been part of my mornings since 2010. I would wake up and open my radio and listen to the wonderful music being played and to the witty conversations of the DJs. I would often laugh with the jokes and learn from the pieces of advice being thrown by the DJs. Upon leaving the house, I would put the earphones to my ears and listen to the radio while traveling until I arrive in the office. The radio helps me ward off boredom and annoyance brought about by the heavy traffic that I am dealing with everyday.

There used to be two radio stations that I listen to every morning: Good Times of Magic 89.9 and Tambalan of Love Radio 90.7.

Good Times provided me intellectual humor, latest news in the country and abroad, life lessons via pieces of advice, amusement via the contradicting opinions, and, in my opinion, the best music of today. Mo Twister is the head of the team. He would often come up with topics that will be discussed in the entire show. His co-DJs were Grace Lee, Mojo Jojo, and Angelicopter. I started listening to Magic in 2010 due to my boss’ requirements because we were advertising in that show. I, however, did not regret listening to the show and I was actually hooked. It actually opened me to listen to new songs again after I was stuck with listening only to the songs that I heard during my high school years. I would listen to the show from 6AM to 9AM without transferring to any other radio station. Until the three other DJs left and only Mo Twister remained. I know it is still a good program and Mo for me is still a good, funny, and intelligent host but the feeling and satisfaction that I was getting was different whenever I hear the four of them talking on air. It was hilarious and sometimes deafening especially when they talk simultaneously. I actually miss it.

Photo Courtesy of Good Times Facebook Fan Page 

Tambalan is very much well known here in the Philippines due to its hilarious hosts. I started listening to this radio program since 2009. I was actually dissatisfied with the programming because it would only go on-air twice, every 8AM and 9AM, but the hilarity and craziness of the two hosts are enough to make me laugh and feel good while on my way to work, dealing with the never ending slow movement of the vehicles. The program is focusing on giving advice to the listeners who would send their questions and problems to the show via text. The advice are initially crazy and twisted to make fun of the problem but later on they would give serious and “life-changing” pieces of advice. They made the station famous, taking it into the number 1 spot for 9 years (I’m not sure right now maybe 10 years already). Since I started listening to Magic on 2010, I would only listen to Tambalan during 9AM only, whenever Good Times is over. It was still fun to listen to and a nice “icebreaker” after serious and, sometimes, geeky conversations in Good Times. The program is still ongoing, same time.

Photo Courtesy of Tambalan Facebook Fan Page 

I actually stopped listening to the Good Times when Grace Lee left (which was the last of the three to leave). I transferred to another radio program from another radio station: The Morning Rush in RX 93.1 hosted by Chico Garcia, Delamar Arias, and Gino Quillamor and airs from 6AM to 10AM. It was originally hosted by Chico and Del only until they retain Gino after relieving Del who went on a maternity leave and came back after giving birth. I started actually listening to this show earlier last year when one of my good friends “forced” me to listen to the show, claiming it was funny and one of the DJs, Gino, was very good looking. Indeed, he was very good looking. I remember seeing him before hosting Party Pilipinas but I am not sure if he is still there. Anyway, back then, I would listen to the show only after Tambalan, so I have like 20 to 30 minutes left to listen to TMR. Back then, I find their humor “corny” and “forced” that even though the joke isn’t funny at all, they would laugh faking-ly to incite laugh from the listeners. Also, the show is very “conservative” especially Delamar. She would often ruin the funny jokes thrown by the two DJs. But since I have nowhere to go to in the morning and I can’t stand the peace and quiet of the house and the boredom and annoyance of traveling, I had no other choice BACK THEN but to look for another program and I tried TMR first. I still had the same feeling that they were corny and too conservative for me. Anyhow, I continued listening and later on found out that they were actually funny. And they are not TOO conservative at all! The two boys would actually insert double meaning jokes which sometimes Del would oppose but sometimes not and it was very, very hilarious. I actually bought their first book: THE BEST OF CHICO AND DELAMAR’s THE MORNING RUSH TOP 10 and had it signed in one of their book signing leg! And I wasn’t a FAN yet! Well I am now. Every day, I have been growing fond of the show and of the hosts and now I am catching up by listening to the podcast of their previous episodes. They are funny, witty, and gay. The two boys would act gay while hosting and Del, who is the only girl, is actually manlier. I am laughing now to their topics and I am submitting entries which I don’t do with the previous radio programs that I listened to! I am hooked and I guess I will be for a longer period of time.

Photo Courtesy of Vincent Garrucho (from Google Images)

Indeed, nothing is permanent in this world but change. I don’t want to say I am thankful, but in a way I really am, that the three DJs of Good Times left. Otherwise, I wouldn’t discover the fun in listening to the Morning Rush. It’s sad that I have completely left Tambalan, but hey they still have thousand of listeners and my leaving them wouldn’t matter at all.

Photo Courtesy of The Morning Rush Facebook Fan Page 

And now, I am a certified RUSHER and I love it. :)

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