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22 February 2012

The Origin of Chause and Charaughts

Everything came from something. Humans were once bacteria. Bacteria were once just amino acids. Stars were once dusts. So are words. Nothing in this planet just appeared out of nowhere without appearing in another form first. So serious? Chause.

Let us start with the first word. Chause is just an improvisation (what?) of the Filipino slang "chos" which exactly means "just kidding." See how we Filipinos make your life simple? Here in the Philippines, a phrase can be translated into one single word. For example taken for granted is just napabayaan in tagalog. So is chos. And since we know that we could not patent chos because it is already famous, we thought of a way to make it really "ours." We created a spelling that will sound exactly like it. Chause. Plus, we have have to consider the audience worldwide so we ended up with that. Hence, chause.