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25 June 2012

My Thrown Up Memories

I love traveling. It’s a wonderful escape from the hustle and bustle of the Metro. I love to see sceneries and meet wonderful strangers whenever I hit the road. However, I am no wealthy individual so I do my traveling via commute which is perfectly fine for me. 

But it was not always like this.

Buses are important vehicles for the working class and for the travelers. I, myself, go to work daily riding a bus. In the Philippines, there are two types of buses: Ordinary Bus and Air-conditioned Bus.

Ordinary Bus
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 Ordinary Bus Interior
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13 June 2012

GUINNESS BEER: The Taste of Ireland

I have been an Ireland (and Irish) fanatic since knowing the country in 1999. I would like to give the credit to Westlife for they were the one who introduced me to the beautiful, green country. Since then, I got a bit “obsessed” to it by researching stuff about Ireland, like St. Patrick, Irish geography, tourists destinations, and Irish products. One of the most prominent and worldwide best-selling, truly Irish product, is the Guinness beer.
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04 June 2012

At The End Of One's Rope

FOR:             Toinks
FROM:         Someone Who Hates You
DATE:           June 4, 2012
SUBJECT:    As Stated