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29 October 2012

Natural Skin Care Routine

(Featuring Human Heart Nature Products)

Skin care has been part of my daily (and nightly) routine. I have been taking care of my facial skin since grade school (probably since 5th grade I guess hahaha). I don’t have perfect skin. It has always been oily and I suffered from big acne during high school and now my face is studded with acne scarring. My skin is still oily. But when I started working three years ago, it has transformed into a combination skin: my T-zone gets oily oftentimes and my V-zone is almost always dry and sometimes even flaky and I don’t breakout that easily anymore. I tend to have one pimple every now and then and I am thankful that they don’t leave scars anymore. I actually have a new problem right now: skin aging.
For two years, I only used two products (well it’s three pieces) twice a day: Pond’s Anti-Bacterial Facial Scrub and Eskinol Ageless Day Cream and Night Cream. It worked well for me. It kept my skin clear, soft, and radiant. However, Eskinol discontinued their production of the Ageless line and so I was left with nothing to use, hence, I had to find another product line that would suit my skin well. It was during this stage that I decided “why not try using natural products for a change?” I searched for the most well reputed brand for natural products and Human Nature got in my way. After seeing the reviews on it, I decided, okay, I am going to buy their product line for oily / combination and see how it will work for me.

I bought five products from them: Balancing Facial Wash, Balancing Facial Toner, Moisturizing Day Fluid, Moisturizing Night Cream, and Sunflower Beauty Oil. I purchased and started using them since September 13, 2012.

So below is my three step routine twice a day. I have a fourth item though which I only put on every night before bedtime.

1.) I wash my face with the Balancing Facial Wash twice a day. The facial wash is designed for oily, combination skin like me. Its main ingredients are elemi oil and orange. Elemi oil is a secret ingredient known to fight acne and other skin blemishes.  Orange extracts contain vitamin C which is a great antioxidant. And the facial wash contains bamboo granules which serve as the scrub to slough off dead skin cells and deep seated dirt which, although does not dissolve, is not irritating and safe for daily use. It does not foam like crazy which I like because it doesn’t mess as much but it doesn’t mean it’s not working. I don’t feel dry and tight after rinsing and patting my face dry with a towel. It also doesn’t break me out.

2.) I tone my face with the Balancing Facial Toner twice a day. The toner is non-alcoholic and non-drying. I have not used a toner for two years but since it was suggested as part of the routine I decided to use it. I don’t actually feel any difference with it or with any toner but I could definitely say that it does not dry my skin, it does not sting, and it is not at all harsh, in fact it is very gentle and “waterlike” and I actually don’t know if it’s doing anything for my skin. Personally, I guess with the way the balancing facial wash works, this toner is necessary in “taming” your skin after the exfoliation. The toner contains sugar beet extract that replenishes some of the lost moisture and elemi oil which are good ingredients in preventing and treating infections on your skin. I wouldn’t recommend it personally because I don’t believe in the power of toning but you may give it a try. It wouldn’t hurt and it may actually help you with your skin.

3.) I moisturize every morning with the Moisturizing Day Fluid and Dermplus Sunblock with SPF 35 and at night with Moisturizing Night Cream. Since trying the Eskinol Ageless line, I have jumped into a conclusion and personal preference that day creams should always be different from your night cream. Your skin needs to be protected from the harsh elements during the day and it has to be nurtured during the night while it regenerates as you sleep. The Moisturizing Day Cream of Human Nature has 15 vitamins and minerals (it is enumerated in the bottle in case you purchase) necessary to help your skin combat the harsh elements of the environment as you get exposed plus loads of natural vitamin E to aid in the prevention of UV rays from penetrating your skin and cause long-term damage. It should be enough according to the Human Nature representatives, however, being a meticulous in preventing aging, I still put on lavish amount of SPF 35 on my face, neck and arms every day, rain or shine, just to be sure that I don’t burn or wrinkle  early. Then at night, I use the moisturizing to help my skin while it regenerates. This cream is thicker than the day fluid and I feel that my skin is always softer and smoother every time I wake up in the morning. What I don’t like with the night cream though is the smell which is like a cough syrup but it’s tolerable. The creams do not break me out and that’s what I love about them.

4.) I “seal” and intensify the effect of my night cream with the Sunflower Beauty Oil. This is one thing that I would definitely not recommend because first, it did not do any difference; second, it broke me out; third, I started to develop pimple-like bumps under my eye; and fourth, it darkened my face. I also use the oil on my upper arms to alleviate the keratosis pilaris but it only made it worse. I would say that the oil is the cause of all these because all of these symptoms appeared while I was using the oil. I stopped using it and now I don’t know what to do with it. I wouldn’t discourage you from buying this because in fairness, it has a lot of good reviews so maybe my skin isn’t just compatible with it. But it’s just my experience. I used it for about three weeks though on my arms and two weeks on my face.

So there you have it! My skin care routine. I wouldn’t say I have a perfect skin. I still breakout once in a while but very rarely. I think I could attribute it to my “knowledge” about skin and skin care ingredients. I am no professional and expert though but I read. Hence, I know what to use and not use. I have less wrinkles, I have very few hyper pigmentation, I have few blackheads and whiteheads, I have combination skin (from overly oily), and I have no pimple marks anymore, only scars (of which a dermatologist’s procedure is necessary to be removed).

I put on lotion everyday from neck to toes. I use St. Ives Collagen – Elastin anti-aging lotion because I believe that we should all prevent skin aging at an early age.

I hope this post helps you. If you have any other question, feel free to message me or leave a comment below!

Slán go foill!

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  1. I will try, I think my skin is starting to hate me. Am always I perfect skin so no need to take care of it, well I do link Skinlastin

  2. As long as the product contains all natural ingredients then it can be considered safe and effective.

  3. I also use lotion every day except when I need to be exposed to UV badly. I’ve heard that using lotion will make your skin darker.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  4. The fact that it's so affordable even though it's almost entirely made of natural ingredients, is what astounds me about Human Nature products. And it works just as well, if not better than most expensive brand! :D

  5. It will depend upon the pH of your product, what kind of product it is, what ingredients you've used, useful reference