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22 February 2012

The Origin of Chause and Charaughts

Everything came from something. Humans were once bacteria. Bacteria were once just amino acids. Stars were once dusts. So are words. Nothing in this planet just appeared out of nowhere without appearing in another form first. So serious? Chause.

Let us start with the first word. Chause is just an improvisation (what?) of the Filipino slang "chos" which exactly means "just kidding." See how we Filipinos make your life simple? Here in the Philippines, a phrase can be translated into one single word. For example taken for granted is just napabayaan in tagalog. So is chos. And since we know that we could not patent chos because it is already famous, we thought of a way to make it really "ours." We created a spelling that will sound exactly like it. Chause. Plus, we have have to consider the audience worldwide so we ended up with that. Hence, chause.

Next comes Charaught. It is just actually a synonym of the Chause. It is derived from the tagalog word Charot which also means "a joke," "just kidding," or "anything random." Again we rummaged our brain, disturbed all of our brain cells, and sought help from the spirits to create a "variation" in the spelling to make it really ours and to cater to the worldwide audience as well. We love you guys that's why we consider you in everything that we do. Hence, charaught.

Now, you might think that putting them together may seem redundant. No. Because it means you are claiming that the very popular business phrase "effectiveness and efficiency" is wrong as well. Because although the two words are almost alike, they are still unique. Otherwise why would you bother creating so many words and synonyms if all of them are just alike. Plus, who do you think you are to question us? You're just a reader. Chause! ;)

Putting them together actually gives you already a glimpse of what the blog is all about. This blog is about random thoughts crossing the minds of the authors. The title does not necessarily mean everything we post is all joke. No. Not at all. Although we post jokes sometimes, we will let you know if it's a joke. In case you read posts about cancers, love advice, movie reviews, those are serious once and must be taken seriously too. We aim to share what we feel to the world so the world could relate to the four persons who might shape the future. Yes, we are planning to shape your future. Just keep reading. ;)

So there you have it. The origin of our title plus a very brief (not the one you're wearing) background of what to expect in reading this blog. Happy reading and let your neurons work!

Yeeha! ;D

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  2. Thanks. I just learned a new word today hahaha..Love this! <3