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14 March 2012

The Unexpected Book Signing

I went to Greenbelt 5 on February 18, 2012 to do something else: to buy an olive variant of Savon de Marseilles. However, upon arriving on their store and asking the sales lady about the item I was looking for, I was totally devastated to know that the soap I have been contemplating on buying for months was already sold out! And the only one left is the Palm variant which is not an original variant. It is original and from the same manufacturer, but I mean Olive is the very first and original variant that they produced.

So I walked out of Greenbelt 5 pissed off because I travelled all the way from San Juan City and I would be traveling all the way again to Fairview in Quezon City to get home FOR NOTHING!

Until I went past Powerbooks in Greenbelt 4. I glanced at it and saw the banner that says a book signing was ongoing upstairs until 5PM only. I checked my watch and it was already 5:10PM! My friend Editha (who was bugging me to listen to The Morning Rush) told me to buy the book as well (prior to this book signing) so when I accompany her to the station of The Morning Rush station, I won’t be left out and I would have something to get signed too. So I entered the bookstore, looked for the book, asked the cashier if the DJs are still upstairs and was told they were, paid the book, and went upstairs. I saw that there were still many people and the line going to the DJs for autograph is still long and many are still seated which were also waiting for the line! I approached the registration and asked if I could still have my book signed and felt a bit nervous and slightly devastated again when she asked her colleagues if I still could enter since it’s already 5:15! I am glad I was allowed to. And remember I wasn’t a fan yet!

So I went in, sat, and listened to the host saying jokes about the DJs who were signing the books. They were kind, pleasant, and they look good in person. Only Chico and Delamar were there. No Gino. I guess because he wasn’t actually a part of the book but I wished he hosted the event because I want to see him in person. Teehee. ;)

So I got my chance to fall in line. Had my book signed. And had a picture taken with them. It was a fun experience. The ambiance of the place was happy, the people were kind, and everybody was laughing.

And I enjoyed reading the book!