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29 July 2012

Book Review: The Hunger Games

Teens and pre-teens are currently reading The Hunger Games trilogy with so much gusto. Oops! Do I still fall under that category? Haha chause! THG craze has been circling around like wildfire before I've got to discover it.(You know me, I’m kinda always out-to-date! Darn! Sign of aging it is!) Not until it's movie was released on the 3rd quarter of March this year.  After a week or so, so much fuzz about it has been going thru the social networking community. Some say it's almost like the Japanese movie, Battle Royale. With that I've decided to read the book first few month's ago; basically to save my ass from not being able to understand the entire movie haha chause!

Disclaimer: I'll try to be very, very careful not to spoil anything for anyone but if you haven't read the book please don't hate on me. So help me God! :p

"May the odds be ever in your favor"

Title: The Hunger Games
Author: Suzanne Collins
Publication Date: September 14, 2008
Language: English
Series: The Hunger Games Trilogy (Book 1)
Genre(s): Adventure / Dystopian / Science Fiction / Action

17 July 2012

10 Commandments Of Working For Others

Finally got the time to blog! I was quite damned with the sudden burst of workloads! I’m still trying to redeem myself from all the gloom and doom. Chause! I was actually attending seminars and training for the past weeks for my professional and personal development. Naks! Along with that, of course payday just came by; my entire world revolves around payroll and timekeeping. On the other hand, Hal Benito is sooo busy exploring the corporate world! Oh my! He must have been lost. Charaught! Never heard from him for the quite some time. You sure do miss him :)

As mentioned, I attended a seminar last week. It is the “Free Learning Sessions” by Ariva Events. It was a 1-day learning session which discusses Company Policy and Labor Laws; facilitated by Atty. Ranulfo P. Payos. It costs around P1116 for both AM and PM sessions which cover snacks and certificates. Sponsored by the company of course! :)