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08 March 2013

A Sony Vaio Laptop From MyPhone

Indeed, for the very first time in my life I won something. And not just something. It’s quite pricey for someone in modest living, like I am. It’s a laptop from Sony Vaio. And yes, it’s something you could brag about. Not everyone has a Vaio and a lot is dreaming to have one. And I have one. Teehee.

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I won it via a raffle entitled “MyPhone Geared Up Promo” which run from October 15, 2012 to January 18, 2013. Basically, you just have to buy any MyPhone unit during the aforementioned period and you might get a chance to win on the daily draw, monthly draw, and grand draw. The prizes at stake are the following:

Daily Draw:               1 MyPhone A168
Monthly Draw:         1 MyPhone A919
Grand Draw:

1st Prize: 5 Winners of Customized Geely 1.3L M/T-GB Cars
2nd Prize: 5 Winners of 43-inch Sony LED TV with Home Theater
3rd Prize: 5 Winners of 11.6-inch Sony Vaio Laptops
4th Prize: 5 Winners of Sony Cybershot Digicam
5th Prize: 5 Winners of MyPhone A919 Mobile Phones

Consolation Prize: 50 Winners of MyPhone A168 Mobile Phones

            I didn’t expect MyPhone is earning that big to be able to give away the above prizes. Say what Cherry Mobile? :-P

            I was not a MyPhone fan back then. In all honesty I look down to them when I first knew them because they manufacture dual SIM phones and back in the days, dual SIM phones are considered “china phones” or phones that are substandard, cheap, and disposable. Meaning you can’t brag about your phone and owning one might be an embarrassment to you and your whole clan. Haha.

            But it all changed when I lost my phone last year, August 3, 2012 while I was walking on the overpass of Commonwealth Avenue near Sandiganbayan court. I owned a Samsung Galaxy Mini then which was picked from my bag without me realizing it. I need an immediate replacement but I don’t have much money to go for the pricey ones and I want an Android phone (which was the operating system of my lost phone).

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That’s when I heard that MyPhone has just released Android phones. Can you believe that? How timely. Haha. So I browsed though their available phones and back then there were only two Android phones available and I was actually eyeing the A618 one because it has a TV capability. But then I decided to go with A818 because it’s more “premium” though the prices were just the same. So I purchased one and got so happy with it.

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However, I saw a “sneak peek” video made by Chuckie Dreyfuss that showed a larger screened MyPhone with a dual core processor, 3G connectivity, Android 4.0.4 (ICS) operating system, and a 512MB RAM with front-facing camera and I told myself “I am going to buy that! I will surely wait for that!” And so I have been on the lookout on all the MyPhone releases last year which I could tell you was too “often” like every two weeks, a new model was being released. It was quite frustrating for those who are easily enticed by MyPhone’s marketing plan.

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So as the saying goes, “Good things come to those who wait.” And I waited for the release of the A898. Despite the tempting release of its predecessor, the A878 which has exactly the same specifications minus the 3G connectivity and front camera that debuted at the price of P5,480, I still waited for it. The wait, though, was worth it.

It was released around the last week of October and I purchased my unit on the third Sunday of November. The price was P7,499 and the search for the stock was quite a hard work then as almost all the stores, even MyPhone stalls themselves, had run out of it. Luckily, one store to which we decided to go last had two stocks. It was saddening though as I initially intended to purchase a white unit but only black was available. But I got it. And until now I was happy with the unit.

The only thing I wasn’t happy about was that four days after I purchased my unit, the price went down to P6,590. The nerve!

I actually didn’t know that an ongoing promo was running then as I only want the phone so bad. The next day when I rummaged the box I got with the phone, I saw a leaflet about the promo and I absentmindedly sent an entry via text and totally forgotten about it as I did not at all expect to win because I am not fortunate in every promotion I join.

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And the good news came when I least expected it. I got a call last January 20, 2013, Sunday, from a girl telling me I won a Sony Vaio laptop. I had to admit I initially did not take it seriously because I thought it was hoax because “who works on a Sunday?” I also asked my little brother to check my email because the girl told me I will be receiving one that contained the information I need to claim it. There was none. Until I learned from Deeta that it was on the Spam folder. How stupid of me to not think of that. Haha.

So there. The rest is history. I claimed the prize last February 15, 2013 at the MyPhone headquarters in Paranaque. I was with the other winners. The prizes were marvelous. I wished back then that I won the 43-inch TV or the car but I am thankful that I still won something that I really need. I have been planning on buying a laptop ever since the last one I bought got broken due to overuse. I also met the marketing people of MyPhone and mind you most of them are good-looking. I wonder if that is one of their qualifications. Haha

This is what I won. An 11.6-inch Sony Vaio Laptop Series E.

The winners of the brand new cars!

The cars! Designed by the MyPhone endorsers.
These are incomplete though as there were 8 given away.

Unfortunately I wasn't able to take pictures of the other prizes such as the TV, camera, and phones as those were not shown to us since the winners did not arrive. ;)

There you go! Thanks MyPhone for this brand new Sony Vaio laptop! And congratulations for a well done job on creating quality phones.

                 Sl├ín go foill!

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