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07 March 2013

A Writer’s Apology

Do you guys still remember me? Haha. Yep, it’s Hal Benito.

Deeta isn’t the only writer slash owner of this blog, just to let you all know. Haha. But I’d like to give her the credit for continuing in making this blog alive, kicking, funny and “professional-looking.” And just how many products has she won in doing so? Talk about enjoying what you’re doing and still get paid for it. Though not regularly, which is the only downside. But who cares?! We don’t do it primarily for money, it’s just a secondary thing. Plus,we’re getting popular! Immensely popular. (Hey Ellen! Any plans of inviting us?! Charaught!)

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Now, let’s go back to me! It’s me time. I know it’s an overused excuse but I was really busy and I had, yet again, undergone writer’s block. I am in no mood to write and all my writing seemed ugly and uninteresting and insipid and all of the unsavory remarks you could throw on me are all acceptable and I couldn’t get the nerve to post it and serve it to you. I don’t seem to gather my thoughts and come up with a very entertaining yet informative blog post. Perhaps, it’s pure laziness just sugarcoated. Mixed a pinch of unemployment, a dash of frustration, and a handful of low self-esteem and what have you got? An empty writing board.

Hal Benito 

But in every absence, there’s a comeback. And I’m BACK! Like forever. I’ll try not to put too much humor in this post as that’s me: funny yet serious and most of all, contradicting. You might find one of my posts funny and the other one overly serious. I have clarified it on the about the authors, in case you’re not reading. It is shining brightly like a diamond on that part of the blog up there. And that is in accordance with the agreement set forth by Deeta and me, she will be the one to put life in this blog, I will put information and rubbish. Teehee.

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So worry no more. You will be seeing more of me in this blog. Well, I’ll see about that. Like I said I have been having recurring writer’s block but I am practicing to try and improve the disease. I have been reading again, watching English videos, and making sure that I am well equipped before I write. I don’t need though to be updated on the latest trends and current events because that is Deeta’s specialty and I don’t want to snatch her candy. We are a family here and we respect one another up to the seventh dimensions. 

So I think I have said so much. Nuff (nang?) said. Please keep following us. Spread the word. Help us gain more readers and followers. Help us change the world. Help us build a brighter future for everyone else. 

Thank you. See you on my next post!

Slán go foill!

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