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29 October 2012

Natural Skin Care Routine

(Featuring Human Heart Nature Products)

Skin care has been part of my daily (and nightly) routine. I have been taking care of my facial skin since grade school (probably since 5th grade I guess hahaha). I don’t have perfect skin. It has always been oily and I suffered from big acne during high school and now my face is studded with acne scarring. My skin is still oily. But when I started working three years ago, it has transformed into a combination skin: my T-zone gets oily oftentimes and my V-zone is almost always dry and sometimes even flaky and I don’t breakout that easily anymore. I tend to have one pimple every now and then and I am thankful that they don’t leave scars anymore. I actually have a new problem right now: skin aging.

28 October 2012

YouTube: People I Follow

I used to not watch videos on YouTube until recently when I chanced upon a group of people which I was surprised to know that they know one another. It made me envious and want to do my own video channel as well (which I am really determined to pursue soon so watch out for it!).

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My “addiction” with them started with Anna Saccone’s make up tutorial which I ‘downloaded’ and watched in my phone before I go to bed. Why? Because make up tutorials make me feel sleepy. Hahaha. I know the reason is shallow but that’s really my intention. Then I started looking for a skin care routine because it equally makes me sleepy and at the same time curious on how to keep my skin in good shape as well. And it led me to Elle Fowler, and the list goes on and on. The last person that I subscribed to is Joey Graceffa. I will enumerate them one by one chronologically on who I subscribed to first up to the last.

 Mikey Bustos
A Famous Filipino "YouTuber"
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