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28 October 2012

YouTube: People I Follow

I used to not watch videos on YouTube until recently when I chanced upon a group of people which I was surprised to know that they know one another. It made me envious and want to do my own video channel as well (which I am really determined to pursue soon so watch out for it!).

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My “addiction” with them started with Anna Saccone’s make up tutorial which I ‘downloaded’ and watched in my phone before I go to bed. Why? Because make up tutorials make me feel sleepy. Hahaha. I know the reason is shallow but that’s really my intention. Then I started looking for a skin care routine because it equally makes me sleepy and at the same time curious on how to keep my skin in good shape as well. And it led me to Elle Fowler, and the list goes on and on. The last person that I subscribed to is Joey Graceffa. I will enumerate them one by one chronologically on who I subscribed to first up to the last.

 Mikey Bustos
A Famous Filipino "YouTuber"
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1.) Anna Saccone – A beauty guru. I started watching her because of her beauty routines and tutorials and later on because of her topics. She covers everything from makeup to skin care to housekeeping, and now, being a mommy. Yes she just gave birth recently. I like watching her videos because she is effortlessly humorous and entertaining. She makes it a point to not make every video boring although most of them are long but they are enjoyable. And she’s credible I guess because she’s honest especially in her reviews. And I love her accent and descent. Heck, you all know I love Ireland and Irish people! Her channel is TheStyleDiet.

 Anna Saccone
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2.) Elle Fowler – A beauty guru just like Anna. I knew her because of her Pevonia Myoxy Caviar Line skin care routine. I started following her because of the way she speaks. She’s so sweet and she sounds very educated. And she’s very pretty. Also, she is honest in stating which products she doesn’t like but she wouldn’t discourage you to use it but rather those products a try to see if the effects will be the same. And we both love cats. She is also funny but very engaging. I never get bored whenever I listen to her. Her channels are AllThatGlitters21 (Tutorials and Hauls) and EllesGlitterGossip (Vlogs).

Elle Fowler
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3.) Blair Fowler – I remember seeing video of her and not knowing she is Elle’s sister. It’s about skin care routine for oily skin. Yes, although Elle has very dry skin, Blair has the opposite. I like Blair because she’s funny and she sometimes retracts what she says which makes the videos entertaining. And she talks too fast! Though it is sometimes irritating (not very extremely). I don’t have much to say about Blair. I just watch her. See for yourself. Although Elle started making videos earlier than Blair, Blair had more followers and subscribers. Her channels are: JuicyStar07 (Tutorials and Hauls) and TheOtherJuicyStar07 (Vlogs).

 Blair Fowler
Photo courtesy of her Twitter account

4.) Luke Conard – I started following him because of his looks. :-P But later on because of his topics. I only follow one of his three channels. Yes he has three: Luke (Vlogs), LukeConard (Music videos), and LukesArcade (Games Tutorial and Reviews). I only follow the vlog. I like the way he speaks. It’s very encouraging, more like a big brother. And he looks very kind and honest, and he’s cute. Haha I keep on saying that. He is also very funny and he has these weird but humorous mannerisms or rather acts while shooting the video. He is never boring. He edits the videos well and he sometimes seems gay but I know he is not.

 Luke Conard
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4.) Ingrid Nilsen – I only knew her via Luke Conard (in my girlfriend does my makeup). I don’t watch all her videos. I only watch her skin care routine. I feel like she’s not sincere and she’s arrogant. It’s just a personal opinion though. I may be wrong. Her channels are Missglamorazzi (tutorials) and TheGridMonster (Vlogs). She is the girlfriend of Luke Conard.

 Ingrid Nilsen

5.) Sawyer Hartmann – I only knew him because of Blair Fowler. They were ex-couples. I don’t watch his videos much. :-P I only follow him because he is part of the “circle.” His channels are SawyerHartman and SawyerHartman2.

 Sawyer Hartman

6.) Simon Cole – I love how he speaks. His videos are long and are never edited so expect bloopers along the way (which are very few). I love his accents, his looks, and his topics. He is the only British here in the list and he has the fewest videos as well. I wish he makes more. He was masculine in her earlier videos but recently his “gayness” is coming out, in my opinion. But nevertheless, I find him funny and entertaining and informative as well so I will keep following him. His channel is FitchBlue.

 Simon Cole
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7.) Joey Graceffa – The gayest of all. Haha. I was initially confused because I don’t know if he is really straight or gay because of the way he moves and speak. He is friends (like super close) with Luke and Sawyer which made me doubt of he is really gay. But I think he is. His topics are funny as well. I only follow his vlog channel – JoeyGraceffa – and not his game channel. He is very, very funny as a gay is. He although seems insincere to me as well and I feel like he isn’t that friendly to everyone. I hope I am wrong.

 Joey Graceffa
Photo courtesy of his Twitter account

So there you have it! I actually follow more people than that but they have ny most watched videos (especially Anna, Elle, Blair, and Luke). I still watch other videos especially Tag videos, make up tutorials for men or women, skin care routine for all skin types, foundation routine, and a lot more. You may give them a try and leave a comment below on what you think and if you have someone in mind that you know I would enjoy following.

 Yep they are sisters.
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 And they are best buddies!
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Till next time!

Slán go foill!

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