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11 May 2012

Picture the World with Instagram

For the longest time, my pseudo-cousin Sora Iteti has been bugging me to download and use Instagram as she said I will definitely enjoy it. I kept on refusing as I said, “Ulk. Just another social networking website. I can’t maintain too many accounts!” I already have a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and I actually am not able to update them that regularly, most especially Pinterest.

I actually kept on uploading pictures that I find interesting. However, I limited it lately because I fear that my friends might find I am flooding their news feeds already

But then due to its recent buy out by Facebook and seeing that a lot of the celebrities that I follow use it, I finally gave in just last week. I downloaded it and tried it and “my, it was fun!”

10 May 2012

Toddler Tonsurephobia

Did you have any fear when you were younger that is quite out of the ordinary? Do you still carry the fear up to this day? What is it? And do you find it amusing now that you have outgrown it?

We all have a lot of fears when we were younger and most of them are just normal: fear of the dark, fear of animals, fear of insects, and fear of adults. But there is one fear that I really find very odd. And it’s funny because I once had this fear too.

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