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10 May 2012

Toddler Tonsurephobia

Did you have any fear when you were younger that is quite out of the ordinary? Do you still carry the fear up to this day? What is it? And do you find it amusing now that you have outgrown it?

We all have a lot of fears when we were younger and most of them are just normal: fear of the dark, fear of animals, fear of insects, and fear of adults. But there is one fear that I really find very odd. And it’s funny because I once had this fear too.

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Fear of haircut a.k.a. Tonsurephobia (tissue please - nosebleed).

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Yes. When I was younger, I am afraid to go to barber shops. Yes, you heard it right. I hate having haircuts. My dad would hold me tightly in my seat so I wouldn’t fall off because I was struggling. Haha. I actually don’t remember anymore what it was about haircut that I didn’t like. I just did not like it.

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It all came back to me when I had my haircut last Sunday. While I was waiting for my turn, a kid was struggling noisily on his chair while the barber is razor-ing his hair. He had a skinhead haircut. I guess it was the easiest for little kids, especially for struggling ones. It was my haircut too. Unlucky for me because it is still my haircut. Haha. Anyway, while watching the child struggle in all his might with the dad struggling as well mightier just to prevent the child from a possible cut on his head, the question again popped in my head: what is so loathsome in haircut?

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Do you know?

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