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11 May 2012

Picture the World with Instagram

For the longest time, my pseudo-cousin Sora Iteti has been bugging me to download and use Instagram as she said I will definitely enjoy it. I kept on refusing as I said, “Ulk. Just another social networking website. I can’t maintain too many accounts!” I already have a Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest and I actually am not able to update them that regularly, most especially Pinterest.

I actually kept on uploading pictures that I find interesting. However, I limited it lately because I fear that my friends might find I am flooding their news feeds already

But then due to its recent buy out by Facebook and seeing that a lot of the celebrities that I follow use it, I finally gave in just last week. I downloaded it and tried it and “my, it was fun!”

I love the idea that the image captured by the low-res camera of your gadget (be it a mobile phone or anything that has camera) can still turn out to be a professional photographer’s work! Though it’s not as comprehensive as the Adobe Photoshop but it allows you to show the world the things that might interest everyone’s inclination toward visual arts. Simple garbage might become a work of art. It all depends on one’s level of creativity.

Plus Instagram may show the potential of a future Morgan Norman or Lynsey Addario. It all starts in small things. By trying new ones every day, you get to discover what it is that you want to do. And since I like photography a bit, Instagram satisfied it!

Yup, it's me! :)

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