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01 June 2012

Goodbyes and Hellos

As the month of May struts her way for a graceful exit, here comes June making a grand entrance, hitting us by storm, literally! Charaught! Now, we’re entering the first half of the year. Time flies so fast.. Such a cliche!

Even our bipolar weather had already been making signals that it was through with its super kaduper scorching hot episodes, now its starting to give us a sneak peek of its rainy episodes with the heavy downpours these past few days. Mother Earth must have been PMS-ing! The mood swings huh! Chause.

Finally, it’s a bye bye vacay for all students out there since classes is officially starting next week. Go ahead and make your last hurray for vacation. You still have the weekends, so work it out because on Monday... reality bites and say “Hello!” to school. Isn't exciting? *insert sarcastic smile here* haha charaught! For sure, everybody’s busy making their last minute shopping for school. And I can just imagine how giddy the students are with their new school stuffs, new set of uniforms and shoes. And please don't forget to include the rain gears on your list. :) And for all the commuters and motorists, it'll be a long day on Monday, make sure to carry some extra patience! :)

Let’s make this month legendary. Make everyday count by simply being a better version of your old self... Starting today!

“...Every new beginning comes from some other beginnings end”
-Semisonic (Closing Time)

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