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08 March 2013

A Sony Vaio Laptop From MyPhone

Indeed, for the very first time in my life I won something. And not just something. It’s quite pricey for someone in modest living, like I am. It’s a laptop from Sony Vaio. And yes, it’s something you could brag about. Not everyone has a Vaio and a lot is dreaming to have one. And I have one. Teehee.

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07 March 2013

A Writer’s Apology

Do you guys still remember me? Haha. Yep, it’s Hal Benito.

Deeta isn’t the only writer slash owner of this blog, just to let you all know. Haha. But I’d like to give her the credit for continuing in making this blog alive, kicking, funny and “professional-looking.” And just how many products has she won in doing so? Talk about enjoying what you’re doing and still get paid for it. Though not regularly, which is the only downside. But who cares?! We don’t do it primarily for money, it’s just a secondary thing. Plus,we’re getting popular! Immensely popular. (Hey Ellen! Any plans of inviting us?! Charaught!)

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